- Discovery - Surprise - Satisfaction -

The Jeongsik Experience is a customizable five course banquet that will transcend the notion of what it means to Sense, taste, and experience. 


The levels Jeongsik



Open your mind. Allow your taste buds to wake up in a hidden culture and a forgotten flavor. This dish of discovery will be your aperitif and guide in your flavorful journey.


Great expectations are often held by those who know what they are getting. If the meal is familiar you will grow complacent and won't expect anything else. Let Kang Buk Sushi defy your expectations and grant you a second course that is worth remembering. 


Fulfillment of one's wishes. That is the literal definition of satisfaction. While we're never one's to grant wishes, we know this primary course will fulfill the definition.


Soup is the soul of our banquet. It is both the beginning and the end. The awakening and the reprieve. It brings your taste buds full circle and give you the opportunity to reflect upon the meal you just had. A conclusion that is good to the last drop. 



- Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced - Master - 

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- Beginner -

- Introduction - Ease - Awakening -


To the new and naive

To begin and to end are polar OPPOSITES, this is obvious. But if start somewhere new, Somewhere completely unheard of, the end will feel like a new BEGINNING. Our 'Beginner' level will take you back to the origins of Jeongsik and teach you the basics in understanding its unique HERITAGE. Take the first step and let Kang Buk Sushi guide you from there.

We recommend this experience to any who are new or naive costumers. You have to start somewhere, right?


- Intermediate -

- Exploration - Daring - Intrigue - 


To the bold and the brave

This INtermediate plate is an EMBOLDENED step up. It's both more exciting than our previous selection and is a more enriching experience. THis level introduces a more advanced Ban-Chan aperitif. Ban-chan is a collection of tiny and intimately chosen dishes that wake up your tastes buds and enlighten your PALATE. Many traditional korean dishes gained their origin through This form of culinary expression. this awakens an exciting and flavorful path that will allow you to reflect upon the day and relish in the night.

We recommend this experience to any who are looking for something that might excede what they bargained for.


- Advanced -

- Unique - Exploration - Descovery -


To the eager and adventurous 

Cherish a world of food and tradition. All from a seat at the table. Like the HERITAGE of the Korean people, Jeongsik is a CUSTOM that has to be preserved. while we aren't historians, we understand that the best traditions are shared. Let us share that tradition through our food. Explore the next level of cooking and curiosity with our advanced level of Jeongsik. Have food, will travel.

We recommend this experience to any who wish to embue themselves in completely different world of flavor.


- Master -

- Destination - Finale - EnD - 

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To those who want an unforgettable experience

When you've been down the road before, the only place to go is beyond. When you've already savored the flavors. When you've already relished in the tastes of tradition. WHen you think you've tried it all, that is when you'll try the final level. Our Master Experience will return you to the ORIGINS of JeongSik and provide more than a window into the ideals of Korean culture. These courses are engaging. You'll work with your server and chef to cultivate culinary creations that will fit your taste buds like a glove. 

the Master level is for those who aren't afraid to try something out of their comfort zone. If you are a picky eater, this banquet is not for you.


Culinary Conclusion


- Tradition - Life - Love -


Something we'd like you to know.

We want you to enjoy an expression of food that you might not be familiar with. We want you to be merry with the way we serve. and We hope for you to learn something new. If you walk out of our restaurant with the ACQUIRED KNOWLEDGE of a certain dish or new INGREDIENT, then we've done our job. If you leave with the satisfaction that only a rested mind and full stomach can provide, then we've done our job as well. We'd like to ask that you explore the rest of our website. It is designed to complement our descriptive words with visual INSPIRATION. We'd also like to acknowledge that if you've read this far, you might be interested in what we have to offer. Please feel free to visit the RESERVATION section or call us for the next AVAILABLE table.

Thank you for reading more about who we are and what we cook. Please stop by and let us serve you years of tradition, life, and love.